After a challenge was over, the losing team or teams would have to attend the Elimination Ceremony. There, the members of the team would vote off one of their own. The loser would then fall of the Drop of Shame and land on the Helipad of Losers.

For the elimination chart, click here.


Name Sex Original Team Rank Location Voted Off
Trent Male Team Mohave 29th Brazil
Duncan Male Team Gobi 28th Germany
Izzy Female Team Mohave 27th Japan
LeShawna Female Team Artic 26th Mozambique
Cody Male Team Gobi 25th Ghana
Justin Male Team Gobi 24th Italy
Katie Female Team Mohave 23nd Zimbabwe
Ezekiel Male Team Artic 22nd Zimbabwe
Geoff Male Team Artic 21st China
Lindsay Female Team Mohave 20th Columbia
Sadie Female Team Artic 19th Egypt
Heather Female Team Mohave 18th Australia
Owen Male Team Artic 17th Antarctica
Eva Female Team Artic 16th France
Bridgette Female Team Artic 15th France
Justin Male Team Mohave 14th New Hampshire
Courtney Female Team Mohave 13th Iraq
Katie Female Team Mohave 12th Sweden
Gwen Female Team Mohave 11th Illinois
Alejandro Male Team Artic 10th Hollywood
Sierra Female Team Mohave 9th Hollywood
Tyler Male Team Artic 8th Nicaragua
Harold Male Team Mohave 7th Nicaragua
Beth Female Team Artic 6th Bermuda Triangle
Lindsay Female Team Mohave 5th Easter Island
DJ Male Team Artic 4th The Moon
Bridgette Female Team Artic 3rd Guatemala