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Heather, Sierra, Katie, Justin, Courtney, Harold, Beth, Noah, Tyler





Gwen is a contestant on Total Drama World Tour.

Gwen (JMO41111) has competed in every season in TotalDramaAcademy's camp


Season 1: 3rd

Season 2: 2nd

Season 3: 8th

Season 4: 4th

Season 5: 5th

Season 6: 5th

Season 7: 11th

This season i'm in it to win it!

Confessional: So I thought I go ahead and make a new confessional. YES!!!!! DJ is finally gone!!!!!! So I have some final words to the final 3. Bridgette, you and I never talked in the entire series. But you did prove to be a very good person. I wish I got to know you more. Noah, your a very smart person. I know you and I butt heads for a while. But overall you have proven to be a very good friend. Last but definetly not least is Courtney. You and I had a rocky friendship at first. But overall, I feel as though you deserve to win. Your one of my few best friends. So basically I am saying that Courtney deserves to win. I'll be back next season. But with a new plan and side. Gwen- JMO41111 signing off.

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