Heather is a contestant on Total Drama World Tour.

This will be Heather (TDIPunkGirl1) third TotalDramaAcademy camp appearance. She is known for having a bad attitude around the camp. She placed 4th in season 5. She is also the season 6 winner.


5: 4th- Screaming Gophers

6: 1st- Screaming Gaffers

7: 15th- Team Mohave

Friends: Gwen, Lindsay, Katie, Ezekiel, Sierra, Justin, Courtney

Enemies: Noah, DJ

Current Status: will make sure Tyler wins. DJ I am after you! If I can eliminate you in JMO's camp. I will be sure to kick you out in this one. Haha.

Heather's Vote

1: Trent

3: Izzy

7: Katie

10: Sadie

13: Harold