Contestant Season Rank Team
Alejandro 4 6th Merged


2nd Killer Bass
DJ 6 2nd Killer Grips
Katie 7

19th 11th

Team Mohave

Teams: Merged Teams (4) Alejandro Killer Bass (5) DJ Killer Grips (6) DJ Team Mohave (7) Katie

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Youtube Account



Almost Everyone (except enemies) Better Friends: Coutney, Harold, Heather, Gwen, Lindsay


Geoff, Noah, DJ, Beth


Parents, Brothers (2) Sister


Season 4: 6th

Season 5: 2nd

Season 6: 2nd

Season 7: 11th


"Well, Well, Well." "This Oughta Be Interesting." " I R T Really Smart "


Murder, Tornadoes, Hurricanes, Most Natural Disasters

Am I Done?


Katie is a contestant on Total Drama World Tour. Portrayed By NegaSub, she is one of the stronger competitors of the competition. NegaSub has been in previous seasons, one as Alejandro, two others as DJ. Placed 6th Place in season 4, and 2nd both times in the next two seasons. ( I only Update MAJOR MAJOR Updates)

In The First Challenge, Katie was one of the first to complete the challenge, and placed on Team Mohave. The Next Challenge, she competed completely, but her team lost. She was one of the many to vote off Trent. The Next Challenge, again did correctly, and her team won. And in the Japan Challenge, she failed to give the correct name for her anime character, but attempted the challenge. She also voted for Izzy, believing she was a threat. In the next challenge, she completed the challenge 3rd on her team overall. And Her Team was saved from elimination.

The Next Few Parts Didnt Mean Much Until the 9th Challenge, Katie Sat Out and her team lost. To Everyone's Suprise, Heather, Lindsay, and Noah voted her off, cause Heather was scared that she was going to go.

After China, (the place she chose) Lindsay gave Katie her spot cause of how guilty Lindsay felt. They won the Columbia challenge eventually, but Courtney must decide if they want the reward or not, she Did And we Got Justin

Nothing Major Happened To Katie UNTIL One of her best friends, Courtney got voted off, after that, Katie constructed a plan, had to make a few friends in the proccess, but knows that it will work very well.

Confessional: I had this coming, good luck fellow contenders!


Katie is known to use a different type of strategy, which she keeps secret.

Kate is the only only contestant to make it to the Finals more than once, and not win.

Katie is also the only contestant to make it to the finals twice.

Adding to that, she is the only competitor to make it twice in a row, and is still in the running for 3.

Katie has only been eliminated before the merge ONCE, but Lindsay took her elimination spot since she felt guilty.

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