Female (Male in Real Life)


Winner in season 4

3rd place in season 5

7th in season 6

17th in season 7, Returned

5th in Season 7 (Again)


Courtney, DJ, ezekiel, gwen (debatable), harold, katie, leshawna, noah, owen, and tyler




6th place (if i come in 5th) 10th place (currently)



Lindsay is a contestant on Total Drama World Tour. In total drama academy's camp season 7 Lindsay is played by Black0ut247.

Lindsay has won in season 4, Came in 3rd for season 5, and Came in 7th for season 6.

Lindsay has quit in season 7 to make up for backstabbing her alliance putting Lindsay in 17th place in season 7, She recently returned and came in 5th place..

~Big moments on Lindsays participation in season 7~

Team Gobi had lost the challenge, Lindsay had told the members of team Gobi to vote off Justin stating that he made alliances with members of Team Mohave, Lindsays teamates confirmed this (When in fact it was not true) to vote out a big threat.

In a double elimination Lindsay at switched the her vote last minute to save Heather and vote off Katie completly changing the games power.

Lindsay then quit the game to bring back Katie after realizing her mistake.

Lindsay was eliminated.

At the merge Lindsay had returned only to find out her close friend Courtney got voted out the challenge Lindsay came back. Lindsay DID NOT vote off Courtney all though she was accussed of so after switching in the past.

Lindsay has left her current alliance when Courtney returned and fought with courtney untill Lindsays elimination.

Lindsay has one of the best averages out of all the players in total drama academys camp. (8th place)

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