Placings Contestants Episode 1 Episode 2 Episode 3 Episode 4 Episode 5 Episode 6 Episode 7 Episode 8 Episode 9 Episode 10 Episode 11 Episode 12 Episode 13 Episode 14 Episode 15
1st/2nd "LOW" "WIN" "LOW" "WIN" "IN" "WIN" "OUT" Returns in Cave Time... "LOW" "IN" "WIN" "LOW" "finals"
1st/2nd "WIN" "LOW" "WIN" "IN" "WIN" "IN" "WIN" "WIN" "WIN" "WIN" "WIN" "IN" "IN" "IN" "finals"
3rd "IN" "WIN" "IN" "WIN" "IN" "LOW" "WIN" "WIN" "WIN" "WIN" "IN" "WIN" "LOW" "OUT"
4th "IN" "WIN" "IN" "WIN" "IN" "WIN" "LOW" "IN" "LOW" "LOW" "IN" "LOW" "OUT"
5th Meg "WIN" "IN" "WIN" "LOW" "WIN" "IN" "WIN" "WIN" "WIN" "WIN" "IN" "OUT"
6th Molly "WIN" "IN" "WIN" "IN" "WIN" "IN" "WIN" "WIN" "WIN" "WIN" "LEFT"
7th Valerie "IN" "WIN" "IN" "WIN" "IN" "WIN" "IN" "LOW" "IN" "OUT"
8th Noah "IN" "WIN" "IN" "WIN" "IN" "WIN" "IN" "IN" "OUT"
9th/10th Blainely "IN" "WIN" "IN" "WIN" "IN" "WIN" "IN" "QUIT"1
9th/10th Sadie "IN" "WIN" "IN" "WIN" "LOW" "WIN" "IN" "LEFT"1
11th Geoff "IN" "WIN" "IN" "WIN" "WIN" "OUT"
12th Fabin "WIN" "IN" "WIN" "IN" "OUT"
13th Tyler "WIN" "IN" "WIN" "OUT"
14th Dakota "IN" "WIN" "OUT"
15th Bridgette "WIN" "OUT"
16th Andrew "OUT"

1-The bottom 2 were Blainely and Sadie, but Blainely quit suddenly. Chris then said Sadie had to leave with her.