Team Artic is one of three teams in Total Drama World Tour. The name comes from the Arctic Desert in the North Pole. Beth was declared the team captain after she won the first challenge. Its members include Beth, Noah, Tyler, DJ, Alejandro, LeShawna, Geoff, and Sadie.

Team Artic was the first team to have all its member finish the race in the Amazon River meaning that they won the challenge. They also won the challenge in Germany. Their winning streak continued in Japan where they barely beat Team Mohave for second place. Their winning steak finally ended when they got last place in Mozambique. Team Artic voted LeShawna off their team. In Las Vegas they lost the challenge, but no one was voted due to it being a reward challenge. Instead, Noah switched teams with Ezekiel. But in Ghana, they managed to tie for first place with Team Mohave. In Italy, they dominated over the challenge and got first place again. However, they lost the challenge in Zimbabwe. They voted off Ezekiel in the double elimination. They also lost the next challenge in China where they all voted for Geoff. In the next challenge, where there were different teams, two of Team Artic's members were up for elimination; Alejandro and Sadie. It was Sadie who was voted off. Despite having the least members, they managed to get first place in Australia. During the survival challenge, they got first place. Eva, Bridgette, and Owen joined the team. In Antarctica, they lost and voted off one of their newest members, Owen. They also lost the next challenge, but this time, they had to vote off two people. Eva and Bridgette were the ones voted off.

The team was disbanded at the merge where Beth, Tyler, DJ, and Alejandro were split up. Former teammate, Bridgette, also returned. At the first merged challenge, Beth and Tyler managed to win themselves invincibility. In the next challenge, Beth won herself invincibility again. In Lake Michigan, DJ and Noah won invincibility. In Hollywood, DJ won the challenge, but Noah and Bridgette were safe from elimination. In the double elimination, Team Artic lost their first member in the merge, Alejandro.


Original MembersEdit

Merged MembersEdit

Additional MembersEdit

  • Ezekiel (Switched teams with Noah in Challenge 6)
  • Eva (Joined team in Challenge 14)
  • Bridgette (Joined team in Challenge 14)
  • Owen (Joined team in Challenge 14)

Contestants EliminatedEdit

Name Gender Rank Voted Off Team Rank Voted Off Location Voted Off
LeShawna Female 1st 4th Mozambique
Ezekiel Male 2nd 8th Zimbabwe
Geoff Male 3rd 9th China
Sadie Female 4th 11th Egypt
Owen Male 5th 13th Antarctica
Eva Female 6th


Bridgette Female 7th 15th France
Alejandro Male 8th 21st Hollywood
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