Team Gobi is one of three team in Total Drama World Tour. It is named after the Gobi Desert located in Asia. Justin became the team captain after he won the first challenge. The team consists of Justin, Owen, Eva, Gwen, Sierra, Bridgette, Cody and Duncan.

They won their first challenge together when they had to race down the Amazon River. However, they lost their first challenge when they had to race down the German Alps in a sled. They chose to vote off Duncan first. In Japan, they won first place in the challenge. They also got first place in the next challenge. In the reward challenge, one of its members guessed the number the closest and won the challenge for Team Gobi. They had the power the have two people switch teams. They chose Ezekiel to switch teams with Noah. However in Ghana, they had the least number of cocoa bags meaning that they lost the challenge. They voted out Cody. Unfortunately, the also lost the next challenge in Italy. They voted off their captain, Justin. Before the next challenge started, they voted Sierra as their new captain. In the challenge in Zimbabwe they escaped the double elimination when they won the challenge. They were also safe in China where Team Mohave got to choose the other safe team and they choose them. In Columbia, they lost the reward challenge, but in Australia, they barely got second place in the hide and seek challenge and were safe. They lost the challenge in Pearl Islands, Panama, and for getting last place, this team would be dissolved by the other two teams. Sierra and Gwen moved to Team Mohave, while Eva, Bridgette, and Owen went to Team Artic.


Original MembersEdit

  • Justin
  • Owen
  • Eva
  • Gwen
  • Sierra
  • Bridgette
  • Cody
  • Duncan

Current MembersEdit

  • Team Gobi was dissolved in Challenge 14.

Contestants EliminatedEdit

Name Gender Rank Voted Off Team Rank Voted Off Location Voted Off
Duncan Male 1st 2nd Germany
Cody Male 2nd 5th Ghana
Justin Male 3rd 6th Italy
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