Team Mohave is one of three teams in Total Drama World Tour. The name comes from the Mohave Desert located in the United States. Courtney became the captain after she won the first challenge. It originaly consisted of Courtney, Katie, Harold, Lindsay, Ezekiel, Heather, Izzy, and Trent.

Team Mohave lost the first challenge as a team when they failed to reach the finish before the other teams in the Amazon River. They voted off Trent first. In Germany, they finished the race first and thus were safe from elimination. However, they lost the Anime challenge in Japan and had to vote someone off. They chose to vote off Izzy even though she did the challenge. They later won the next challenge where they placed second place. In the reward challenge located in Las Vegas, they lost the challenge. Justin of Team Gobi chose Ezekiel to switch teams with Noah. In Ghana, they tied for first place with Team Artic. Team Mohave got second place in the Italian challenge. They lost the challenge in Zimbabwe having to vote someone off in the double elimination. Katie was voted off. For the next challenge, Team Mohave won the challenge and got to choose the other team that was safe along with them. They choose Team Gobi. Before the challenge in Columbia started, Lindsay gave up her place in the competition for Katie. Team Mohave won the reward challenge in Columbia with their parody song. They had the choice to accept or deny the reward, but they accepted it thinking that the reward was Justin returning on their team since the hint was that the reward was "hot". They were correct and Justin returned to their team. In Australia, they lost the challenge despite having the most members. They voted off last season's winner, Heather. In the survival challenge, they managed to get second place. Gwen and Sierra then joined their team. As a new team, they won the next two challenges until the challenge in New Hampshire. Justin was eliminated.

Only Courtney, Katie, Harold, Noah, Sierra, and Gwen made it to the merge. And eliminated team member, Lindsay returned. In the first merged challenge, ex-team members Harold and Lindsay were immune, but ex-team captain Courtney was voted out. In the next challenge, Lindsay won the side challenge and got invincibility. However, Katie was the next one to leave. Gwen followed. In Hollywood, Lindsay managed to win the challenge earning herself immunity and a double vote. At the double elimination, former member Sierra was one of the people to leave.


Original MembersEdit

Merged MembersEdit

Additional MembersEdit

  • Noah (Switched teams with Ezekiel in Challenge 6)
  • Justin (Returned on Team Mohave before Challenge 12 after Team Mohave won him as a reward in Challenge 11)
  • Gwen (Joined team in Challenge 14)
  • Sierra (Joined team in Challenge 14)

Contestants EliminatedEdit

Name Gender Rank Voted Off Team Rank Voted Off Location Voted Off
Trent Male 1st 1st Brazil
Izzy Female 2nd 3rd Japan
Katie Female 3rd 7th Zimbabwe
Lindsay Female 4th 10th Columbia
Heather Female 5th 12th Australia
Justin Male 6th 17th New Hamphire
Courtney Female 7th 18th Iraq
Katie Female 8th 19th Sweden
Gwen Female 9th 20th Illinois
Sierra Female 10th 22nd Hollywood
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