Total Drama World Tour


Season 7





This is the seventh season of TotalDramaAcademy's Youtube camps. This season, twenty-four contestants and one awesome host will travel around the world competeting in insane and regorous challenge where only one will come out as the winner.


The season was about twenty-four teenage contestants on a jet traveling the world. They competed in challenges on three teams; Team Mohave, Team Gobi, and Team Artic. The losing team had to vote a player out and make them go down the Drop of Shame and land on the Helipad of Losers. This process continued until only one player was left and won the season.


Participant Team Status Merged Team
Trent Mohave 1st Voted Out Non-Merged
Duncan Gobi 2nd Voted Out Non-Merged
Izzy Mohave 3rd Voted Out Non-Merged
LeShawna Artic 4th Voted Out Non-Merged
Cody Gobi 5th Voted Out Non-Merged
Justin Gobi 6th Voted Out Non-Merged
Katie Mohave 7th Voted Out Non-Merged
Ezekiel Artic 7th Voted Out Non-Merged
Geoff Artic 8th Voted Out Non-Merged
Lindsay Mohave 9th Quit Non-Merged
Sadie Artic 10th Voted Out Non-Merged
Heather Mohave 11th Voted Out Non-Merged
Owen Artic 12th Voted Out Non-Merged
Eva Artic 13th Voted Out Non-Merged
Bridgette Artic 13th Voted Out Non-Merged
Justin Mohave 14th Eliminated Non-Merged
Courtney Mohave 15th Voted Out Merged
Katie Mohave 16th Voted Out Merged
Gwen Mohave 17th Voted Out Merged
Alejandro Artic 18th Voted Out Merged
Sierra Mohave 19th Voted Out Merged
Tyler Artic 20th Voted Out Merged
Harold Mohave 21st Quit Merged
Beth Artic 22nd Eliminated Merged
Noah Mohave 23rd Voted Out Merged
DJ Artic 24th Eliminated Merged
Courtney Artic 25th Voted Out Merged
Lindsay Mohave Runner-up Merged
Bridgette Mohave Winner!! Merged



see: Eliminations

After every challenge, the losing team(s) had to go to the elimination ceremony where they had to vote off one of their own. The contestant with the most votes against them is voted out. After the merge, all the contestants had to vote for each other and only the challenge winner(s) receive(s) invincibility. In some cases, a contestant was automatically eliminated without an elimination ceremony.


see: Challenges

Challenges are held to have teams compete against each other to receive invinciblity. In the end, one or two teams receive invincibility leaving the losing team(s) to vote out one of their members. After the merge, the contestants had to compete for individual invincibility.


see: Locations

Throughout the season, the contestants traveled all over the world for challenges. They visited countries and various landmarks.

Snapshot 4

All twenty-four contestants