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Trent is a contestant on Total Drama World Tour. This will be the first season that AlexxAlvarez will be competing as a character on Total Drama Acadamy.

Trent is in it to win it, but he doesnt want to make enemies. Before the Season started Trent was asked to be In A Alliance with Gwen. He Accepted. When the season started Trent's first challenge was to guess where we would first be headed to for this season. He failed by choosing Japan and was chosen to be on Team Mohave. As soon as the first challenge was over, Trent and the others went to the first country, Brazil. As soon as they get there Chris announces that there first challenge is to paddle across the Amazon River, with Izzy. Izzy and Trent Complete the challenge but there Team eventually lost the challenge and had to vote someone off at the Elimantion Ceromony. Trent voted for Harold. Trent and Heather Were in the botton two. Heather was safe while Trent was Elimanated and had to go to the Drop of Shame.

Trent's Confesionals:

  • 6-9-10: This season is gonna be sweet! I hope i get into alliances!!! I hope i dont get booted out the first week:/ I really dont want to make enemies. Well bye!
  • 6-10-10: I wonder where the first place were going is...I dont care:/ I really don't want to be Team captin. I mean come on this is my first season!
  • 6-11-10: Crap we lost. It's alright guys at least we all did the challenge. I really didnt want to vote the person i voted for, but i think it's the best descision. I just hope i won't go.
  • 6-13-10: What! Why was I voted off?! *Sigh* Well I guess i have to(Drops from the Drop of Shame) go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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