Hi! I'm Courtney! Anyways, I will be updating this blog after each challenge/elimination. Things you can expect in my entries... thoughts on the game, plans, who I think is a threat. Who I think are my friends/enemies. Maybe even some ranks on the current players left! Though until the merge these ranks will mostly be about ranks on my team.

June 18th, 2010

So, uh, my first entry. The challenge just started so I can't say much. Except that I'm a long-time veteran! This is my 4th season! Um... I guess I could do some ratings. Ratings are about who I think has the most power. Of course I will not be including myself.


1. Katie - I know Katie very well and she's a great player and has been in the final two twice! She has the most power in my opinion.

2. Heather - Not gonna lie, Heather's a force to be reckoned with. She's a pretty strong player. However there is a specific reason I picked her. Anyways, she's here for now.

3. Lindsay - Lindsay has done great on past challenges and is also a great player!

4. Harold and Ezekiel - You two are about equal in my opinion. You've both won a season before and are strong players, I can't decide who's better.

5. Izzy - I can't rate you anywhere else but here, Izzy. You're a newcomer so I haven't seen what you can do. So you'll be here for now.

That's about it! See ya later!

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